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I had an initial consultation with Attorney Nishad Khan in September 2009. Initially he seemed very nice and friendly; therefore I hired him for a Real Estate transaction with Wells Fargo. However, little did I know that it was going to turn out being a NIGHTMARE!

His Case Manager at the time took the case and handled everything very professionally up until November 2009 when she took a Medical Leave, and that is when the NIGHTMARE began with Attorney Nishad Khan.

In JANUARY 2010 after not hearing from anyone there, I decided to contact the office. No one in the office could update me on my case nor knew what was going on with my case or where my file was. Calls never returned. Found out from Wells Fargo in JANUARY 2010, that the last contact between Wells Fargo and Nishad Khan's office was in November 2009. From SEPTEMBER 2009 to FEBRUARY 2010, my case STILL HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED 5 MONTHS LATER, BUT IN 3 MONTHS NO ONE TOUCHED MY FILE…....that's TERRIBLE!

Contacted Nishad Khan's office again. This time via email. Requested update from him. Was informed by him to contact lender directly and that his Case Manager was on Medical Leave therefore he didn't have an update. He blamed staff for his lack of responsibility. He blamed staff for lack of efficiency. He blamed staff for his lack of professionalism. Blamed everyone else EXCEPT himself. I hired NISHAD KHAN, not his staff!!!! WHAT KIND OF AN ATTORNEY IS THAT? I requested for him to refund my retainer so that I can hire another attorney and the answer I got was "too bad, you signed a paper stating it was non-refundable". So, as I don't want anyone else to go through the same thing that I am going through, I strongly suggest you hire someone else that is more competent and has integrity as a responsible business owner and professional.

My case is still not resolved, HE STOLE ALMOST $2000 and now I have to hire ANOTHER ATTORNEY to do what he SHOULD HAVE DONE!!!! If you decide to hire him make sure you get a weekly update on your case WITH PROOF!!!

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nishad khan did a shortsale for us in Aug. 2010.

--absolutely no complaints whatsoever--3 months and we were done-- this "stole my money" caption is just "disgusting"--something went wrong for this dissatisfied client & i feel sorry for them--i know what its like to be in a distressed state--i sincerely hope his issue was resolved somewhere somehow--but to diss Nishad khan is just wrong--


Nishad Kahn is a wonderful attorney. My short sale took 2 1/2 years but he got it done and never charged me anything more than what was agreed to the very first day. He and his office staff always returned my calls promptly too.

Also, my credit is still thriving and the banks were wonderful to me after he negotiated the deal.

Who would have thought 10 years ago that if you buy a house, own it for 5 years, have a life changing situation like a marriage and a move to another city that you would not be able to sell your home and at least break even. But that is the reality of our times and Nishad and his office worked diligently to help me through it.

I put my full name on this post to show my support of Nishad and his team of professionals.

Thank you Nishad!



It's very sad to see a forum like this used for the benefit of a disgruntled employee.I have been working with Mr.

Khan for the past two years and I must say he is the most professional, friendly, and kind attorney I have ever come across. His clients are delighted with his level of attentiveness. He does what most attorneys NEVER do and that is answer phone calls on the weekend on his cell phone.

I really hope this post comes down because he truly deserves better than this.As for the ex employee I hope you find God and take all of the hate out of your heart.

Lowellville, Ohio, United States #246087

This is a joke of an attorney.He showed up too late for a court date and now we have a 1 million + judgment against us.

What can we do? Nothing. Where is this *** now? Who knows.

I will never recover ONE dime from this fraud attorney (if you can call him that. He should be disbarred for these sorts of ongoing activities. The law, made by these crackpot lawyers is designed to favor them so malpractice is out of the question. Very inethical lawyer, BE VERY CAREFUL in selecting him.



Dear Another Disgruntled Customer,

I am very sorry that you feel this way. Often times our emails are filtered through our spam blocker and never reach me. Please contact me directly at 407-228-9714 so I can address your concern and hopefully resolve this problem. This is my direct line.

Regards, Nishad Khan


I don't think this is just one person who is unhappy, Nishad Khan has done exactly the same to us. He is not professional and does not return phone calls or emails promptly.


I hired Nishad Khan as my Attorney.All i have to say is he did a fantastic job.

Keep it up.EDWINVRPH,It seems like you have met with the wrong Nishad Khan.


I used Nishad Khan's services in October of 2008.My wife had been diagnosed with a terminal condition and with excessive medical bills we could no longer afford our home.

As soon as I walked in and spoke to him I felt like I was talking to a friend. He made me feel at ease and sympathized with me like no other attorney had. He handled everything for my wife and I, so I can in turn be there for my wife. I called Nishad the other day for another legal matter and he informed me of the smear campaign this former employee had begun.

I think it is so unfotunate that such a wonderful young man can be persecuted for something he has not done. This former employee is posing as a former client and accusing falsely. I know Nishad is a very intelligent young man and he will get full redemption for all of this. In the mean time, I am a client that feels I should come forward and help him.

Even though these words will never be equal to what he has done for me I figured I can do something.

I will pray for this former employee because she needs it to remove all of this evil from her heart.Thank you and God bless.


I have used Nishad Khan several times for real-estate problems and he was efficient, professional and very polite.I have recommended him to other colleagues and personal friends.

I hope your situation gets resolved.Good luck to you


I have utilized Mr.Khan's services several times over the last 7 years.And each time I can state that my business matters were handled both efficiently and in a professional manner.

Most recently, in Nov of 2008 Mr.Khan handled a short sale for me. He negotiated everything with the bank and did so in a manner without requiring me to be involved. Furthermore he consistently updated me on my file without me having to chase him down.

The transaction was completed in Feburary of 2009 Based on reading the above complaint, this sounds more like the work of a rogue ex-employee than a true client.I would be happy to provide any personal references for someone questioning Mr.Khan’s practices.


I think its funny how according to all of you he did a wonderful job, yet how did u all manage to post a message within seconds or minutes of each other?I am happy that you all got good & fair treatment; as for me, HE STOLE MY MONEY....however if you want to verify that this information is true, it will all be public record soon with the FLORIDA BAR and Orange County Civil Claims with proof of all my statements above.

I wish there was a way to scan and post the documents for everyones view. Again, it seems very odd that you all would post at the same time within seconds.

Seems to me that you were all his staff sitting accross from each other typing.Again, this will all be public records soon.


I am currently using Attorney Nishad Khan and it seems that everything EdwinVRPH is commenting about just doesn't seem right to me?Mr.

Khan has been doing an amazing job for my family and I. We were about to loose our home and he did everything in his power to make sure my children and I had a roof over our head...Not just any roof but OUR ROOF, OUR HOME!

I think Mr.Khan is a wonderful attorney and a wonderful person I would recommend him to anyone that wants the job done right!


I came to see Nishad Khan in the Summer of 2009.He was very professional and friendly.

He took care of everything that I asked of him as an attorney. He returned all my phone calls and returned all my emails. Every time I went to his office Mr.Khan always was available to answer any questions. I recommend him to anyone who wants a job well done.

Not sure what attorney you're talking about, but I can't imagine two guys with the same name and profession.Good Luck.


I would like to inform everyone that I hired Nishad Khan, PL back in mid 2009.Before I hired him, I visited other attorneys and found myself always going back to him.

Mr. Khan gained my trust very quickly and completed the job for minimal fees. Not only did he close on my short sale within a few months, but he was always very professional and honest. While he was working on my short sale, I was sure that he had my best ineterest in mind.

He not only responded to all my emails and phone calls, but he also addressed all my concerns and questions with professionalism. If you are going through the distress of a short sale, I definately recommend you contact Mr.

Kahn to resolve your matter as soon as possibe.It was definatley a painless experience for me!


From what I understand Nishad Khan just recently fired a disgruntled employee and it may be her that is posting this nonsense. Nishad Khan is currently handling my short sale. He is very efficient and returns all of my phone calls and emails right away.

I came to him in November of 2009 and he was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly during our first meeting. He reassured my family and I that he would take care of everything and I am happy to say he has come through completely.

He has handled everything with the bank and the real esate transaction that will be taking place very soon, due to his following through. I am very happy and would definitely hire Mr. Khan in the future.

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